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Energizing The World With EPM Solution

The diesel-electric transmission was first tested and introduced to the U.S. market back in 1937, and since then it is being used by diesel-electric locomotives, marine transport, and land vehicles,  as electric motors are able to supply full torque from the start. Diesel engines still being used for power generation around the world.

The (EPM) Electric Prime Mover for power generation is an electric motor specifically designed for power generation. The purpose of the EPM motor is not to replace existing motors. Conventional motors are designed to perform certain task which the EPM is not designed for. The main objective of the EPM is to operate electric generators to electrify conventional motors of all industries and sizes, and to increase the efficiency of these conventional motors.

This new innovated electric prime mover for power generation has to be redesigned from the ground up, and work within the same electrical and mechanical limitations perimeters that applies to all conventional motors. There are no short-cuts, the same rules and principles applies.

The reality is that conventional motors are ineffective for power generation, there is no gain (value) when using a conventional electric motor to operate an electric generator, it’s not cost effective. The new innovated EPM solution is the answer.

Companies around the world are improving and making the necessary changes to their existing products for the new energy of the future “Electricity”. However, these companies haven’t been able to build an electric motor that can outperform their existing motors in terms of efficiency. Efficiency is the problem. Not the battery bank and/or the amount of energy these motors are consuming. 746 watts is required for every horsepower generated. There is no way around that.


Battery Benefits: Primary Reserve, Frequency Stabilization, Voltage Support, Energy Arbitrage, Peaking Capacity, T&D, Renewable Ramping, Demand Charge Management, etc. 

All these key benefits are well known and it could offer a lot more when connected to an EPM for power generation. The EPM is designed to be able to work directly from a battery (electric-tank), on-site, on the road, at sea or, air. Customers can rely on a battery based power plant for all their electrification needs. The EPM is electric and super efficient which allows the customer to do more. Now customers can use a battery (electric-tank) as the primary source of energy in power generation, the same way (LNG) liquid natural gas and Diesel, has been used. 

The main objective is to improve and exert commercial electrification. It’s time to start using an innovated solution to operate electric generators, the same way that is being done using Diesel, but only this time with a battery (electric tank) and, an Electric Prime Mover instead of a Diesel engine.

To Serve All Industries

Electric Prime Mover / Generator

EPM / Generator

The EPM / Generator is a motor with a built-in generator where the electric prime mover and generator are mounted on the same shaft within the same motor frame. Ideal for businesses and/or apartment buildings.

Electric Prime Mover

The Electric Prime Mover is designed to operate external electric generators. It can be sized and scaled for any desired power output from 50 kW up to 5000+ kW.

Applications & Benefits

Higher efficiency, Higher performance, Higher power output and Cost effective.

Commercial Cargo Transportation

It can operate 24/7 and extend the range of  Semi Trucks and Cargo Ships from coast to coast without ever stoping for a battery charge. 

(IPP) Independent Power Generators

Truly impact renewable energy profit by optimizing production. It can eliminate T&D in areas where high voltage lines are saturated. Can improve renewable capacity value by increasing power generation from low production time.

On-Site Power Generation

The EPM can be sized to match the energy output of a battery bank providing the customers with much longer duration time of operation, and the battery manufactures with added value to accelerate the installation of batteries.

The (EPM) for power generation provides higher profits to every customers!

Designed for heavy duty industrial/commercial power generation!